Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand - MTC on April 6th!!!!!

2010's year end was spent in Arizona. I have the most amazing husband who was willing to drive us all down to AZ and then spend most the time babysitting while I spent time with my parents. I am so grateful for him!
On December 27th, we got a call from the North Logan post office that David's mission call was there at the office (finally!) It had been sent on the 21st and been delayed with the Christmas mail. Our great friends, the Astle's, overnighted the call down to my parents home in AZ. That was a long day of waiting and a long night of trying to fall asleep at night! The next morning at around 11:45 the call came. What a moment! It was an amazing moment! We gathered the family around, including my parents, Mark, Ginger, and Grant! We called the Stott's (Grandma) and then LaLoni Estelle, who was @ BYU. Then David Hyrum opened his call! He would not even let me look at the letter as he read it. No trust!
David was called to the Bangkok, Thailand mission!!! He enters the MTC on my birthday, April 6th! What an amazing experience awaits him. Right before he opened the call he said, "I'm feeling Asia." He is so excited to be able to share his testimony with the people in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Today marks 11 more weeks before he enters the MTC.
LaLoni Estelle flew down that night from Utah to be with us. We were all so happy to all be together again! The next day, David went through the Mesa, AZ. Words cannot even describe how awesome that was.

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KirstenandDaniel said...

We are very happy for him. Thank you for sharing the news.